Digi Stamps!

Here are some fun digi stamps that I now have available.  Each are hand-drawn by me and then cleaned up a bit in a graphics editing program before I have converted them into a digital image that you can save to your computer.
Once purchased via paypal, I will email you the image.  I ask that you please NOT SHARE these images with your family and friends, but rather send them to my site to buy their own rights to their use.

I hope you enjoy these cute little drawings.  Please take a look at my Angel Policy on my home page as to how you can use these and all my stamp designs.  Please feel free to drop me line with any future images you would like to see.  Thanks so much for visiting Shelley Bean Stamps!

Cornucopia $2.00 usd

Fall Frame  $2.00 usd

heart trio $1.50 usd

Heart & Vine  2.00 usd

Table $2.00 usd

Complete Shelf Set  $4.50 usd

Witch Digi  $2.00 usd
Kitty Costume Digi  $2.00 usd
Pilgrim Boy Digi  $2.00 usd

Pilgrim Girl Digi  $2.00 usd
Indian Digi  $2.00 usd