Something Special

Here I will add a few images that I think would be fun to practice coloring.  Whether it be Copic Markers, watercolor pencils or your choice of medium; they all give you an opportunity to experiment with different applications and in the process make some cute images to use on your cards or crafted items. 

All are unmounted, thick, deeply etched red rubber.  Each comes with enough static cling mounting foam for you to assemble them to be mounted on your own acrylic block.  As with all my stamps, the shipping and handling costs are figured into the price of the stamp so you can freely pick and choose within your shopping cart without the worry of extra charges added in.

Kitty, Kitty  1.5" x 2"
$7.50  shipping included
 This kitty is lightly colored as a Siamese, but can easily be a tabby, calico or whatever your heart desires.

Young Girl  3"
$8.50  shipping included
The folds and drapes of this girls dress are perfect for practicing and perfecting the coloring of fabrics.

Rose  1.5"
$7.50  shipping included
There is some light shading in this flowers sketch to aid you in learning about shadows and light when coloring.