Vintage Girls

My evolution of a design starts with inspiration. In the following stamps, I derived my inspiration from my love of reading and the heroines from my favorite childhood books. I hope you enjoy them too.

Each stamp will come unmounted on heavy, deeply etched red rubber. I will include enough static cling mounting foam for you to assemble and use with your own acrylic blocks.  I think you will be very happy with the precise and detailed images they capture.

As a note: All prices reflected include the shipping and handling charge so you can mix and match them in your shopping cart without worrying about added costs.

Woodland Girl  3.25"
$9.50  shipping included

Inspired by my love of gothic novels.  In this case I had a combination of Jane Eyre, Catherine Earnshaw and Bella Swan going through my mind.

Wish Upon A Star  3"
$9.50  shipping included

A dreamy-fantasy inspired design derived from fairy-tales and dreams that come true.

Apple Annie  3.5"
$8.95 shipping included

This inspiration came from my love of classics such as:  Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

The Flower Girl  3.5"
$9.50  shipping included

This stamp reminded me of little Annie Lennox in The Secret Garden.  I really enjoyed creating the little world this drawing inspired in me.

The Watering Girl  3.75"
$9.50  shipping included

I think this drawing was a combination of many vintage inspired characters that I read about as a child that helped to settle our nation in it's early years.